Coffee Date : Friday’s Focus from Insight Health Apps

Happy National Women’s Day

This past Wednesday marked a global recognition & celebration of women across the world. I would like to express my gratitude to all our mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, and to all the strong women who are essentially the foundation of our existence. Cheers!

Happy Friday

As I sip my coffee on this bright, sunny morning, I am amazed at the dazzling wonder of this beautiful world… Yet at the same time, I am starkly reminded of the fragmented political state of our Nation. Never before has our Country been so divided. I ask myself the question which I now ask you… How do you stay positive when conflict is swirling around?

With the Insight Motivator, I personally, regain my perspective & outlook, I renew myself each day. It is even more important that we take time to center ourselves, to heal ourselves. True change comes from within. What do you want to change in your life, in your world? Whatever your goals are, start now with the Insight Motivator! Be the beacon of light and positive force that your community needs! See How The Intention Motivator Works Right Here


You spoke….we listened!

Our TOP TRAINERS are NOW offering LIVE HANDS ON TRAINING in Portland, Oregon and San Diego, California.

Many of you have expressed a desire for a LIVE hands on training.

Come and join us and put a face to the name and become part of the community. All attendees will be issued with Certificate of Competence issued by Insight Health. A Perfect Opportunity to display your new training credentials.

Space is limited at both events so be sure to register early.